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High Strength Six Angle Bolts

High Strength Six Angle Bolts

product name: high strength hex angle bolts classification: high strength hex angle bolts brand name: Hualong HUALONG manufacturers: Ningbo Hualong Fasteners Co., Ltd.

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Ningbo Hualong Fasteners Co., Ltd. is a professional production of various kinds of high strength inside and outside hex angle bolts, high strength galvanized bolt, bolt and bolt etc. black Dacromet various standards and professional manufacturer of non-standard fasteners, now all manufacturers selling all kinds of high strength bolt tooth angle of hex, 8.8, 10.9, grade 12.9. High strength hex angle bolts are also called high strength hex angle bolts. Its affordable load is much larger than that of ordinary bolts of the same specifications, which are mainly used in steel structural engineering, machinery manufacturing and automobile industry. High strength hex angle bolt is characterized by a single use only, so it is generally used for permanent connection.


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