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Inner Hex Angle Bolt

Inner Hex Angle Bolt

Item name: inner hex angle bolt Classification: inner hex angle bolts Brand name: HUALONG Hualong Manufacturer: Ningbo Hualong Fasteners Co., Ltd.

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Hualong fasteners stock special offer wholesale sales of various materials, coatings, standards and specifications of high strength bolts in the six corners (direct manufacturers). The inner hex angle bolt is opposite to the outer hex angle bolt, and the middle part of the bolt head is a concave hexagon. Inside the hex angle bolts need special tools for disassembly, of course, you can also use hex agonal steel bar to make a demolition tool (bending to 90 degrees can). The use of hex angle bolts is very extensive, ranging from small hardware to large machinery, small electronic products to aircraft, artillery and so on, all over the industry. The tool of the hex angle bolt should correspond to the model, because the tangential force is almost parallel to the hex angle surface when the gear is twisted, and the model does not match. It is easy to cause the bolt to be scratched on the six corners

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