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Hexagon bolt tips

- Feb 26, 2019 -

Hexagon socket bolts have a variety of national standards, but they must be certain, they are all hexagonal. Then the hexagon socket bolts are sorted according to the head. What types are there?

Hexagon socket head bolts are divided into hexagonal head bolts according to the head. This is the most commonly used one, and it has many types. It is divided into iron according to the material, that is, carbon steel and stainless steel. Stainless steel hexagon socket bolts are also available in stainless steel SUS304 and SUS202. Hexagon bolts for semi-circular heads, this also has a hexagon socket head bolt. Hexagon socket head cap screws, the head is flat, and the inside is hexagonal. There is also a class of national standards that are special, called headless hexagon socket bolts. That is, we often call the machine screw, pay the screws, set screws. This is a common name for headless hexagon socket bolts, but the meaning is the same. Of course, there are some bolts with flower-shaped hexagonal plum heads. This application is relatively rare, and it is basically difficult to see on the market.

Although the hexagonal bolts have more national standards, they are basically quite special. Basically, few people in the market will use them. The more used ones are the number of hexagonal head bolts, also called the hexagonal head cap screws.

In fact, the difference is very simple, mainly looking at the shape of the screw, one is the head of the hex, and the other is the head of the hex. Therefore, one is called a hexagonal bolt and the other is a hexagon socket bolt. Of course, we can also distinguish them from their country labels. The country number is different.


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