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Precautions for quality of high-strength bolts

- Aug 09, 2017 -

(1) Surface floating rust, oil, bolt hole wall burr, welding tumor should be clean.

(2) The contact friction surface should be treated to meet the requirements of the specified resistance coefficient. The use of High-strength bolts should be equipped with nuts, washers, used in accordance with the matching, not interchangeable.

(3) The handling of the friction surface of the components is not allowed to dip in oil, dirt and other sundries.

(4) The assembly friction surface should be kept dry, should not work in the rain.

(5) To strictly inspect and correct the deformation of the connecting plate before installation.

(6) During installation, the hammer is prevented from hitting the bolt to prevent the screw from being damaged.

(7) The use of regular testing of the electric wrench, to ensure the accuracy of the torque, and in accordance with the correct order of twisting operation.

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