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Process of high strength bolts

- Aug 09, 2017 -

The process of high strength bolt ni-P plating is composed of three parts:

The first part is the pretreatment process, including the high strength bolts before the plating precision and appearance inspection, manual oil removal, immersion oil removal, pickling, electric activation and flash nickel plating processes;

The second part of Electroless nickel plating process;

The third part is the post-processing process, including the process of heat treatment, polishing and finished inspection of the hydrogen drive. Follows:

Bolt chemical composition inspection → pre-bolt plating precision, appearance inspection → manual oil → appearance inspection → immersion oil → hot water wash → cold water wash → pickling → cold water → electric activation → cold water wash → flashing nickel → cold water wash → deionized water → electroless ni-ion washing → cold wash → hydrogen → polishing → finished inspection.

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