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The difference between the friction type of high strength bolts and the pressure-bearing type connection

- Aug 09, 2017 -
High-strength bolt connection is through the bolt rod inside a large tightening pretension to the connecting plate clamping, enough to produce a lot of friction, so as to improve the connection of the integrity and stiffness, when the shear force, according to the design and force requirements of different, can be divided into high-strength bolt friction type connection and high-strength bolt bearing type Connection two, the essential difference between the two is the limit state is different, although it is the same bolt, but in the calculation methods, requirements, scope of application and so on are very different. In shearing design, the high strength bolt friction type connection is the maximum friction provided by the bolt tightening force between the shearing force and the contact surface of the plate, which is to ensure that the internal and external shear force does not exceed the maximum friction during the entire use period. The plate will not occur relative slip deformation (screw and hole walls always maintain the original amount of space), is connected to the plate by the overall force of elasticity. In shearing design, the allowable external shear force exceeds the maximum friction in high strength bolt bearing type connection, at this time, the relative slip deformation between the connecting plate, until the bolt and the hole wall contact, and thereafter connected to the bolt body shear and Kong Bi pressure, and the friction between the plate contact surface of the joint transmission Force, finally, the rod body shear or Kong Bi pressure damage as the limit state of the connection shear. In short, the friction type high-strength bolts and the pressure-bearing type high-strength bolts are actually the same bolt, but is designed to consider slippage. Friction type high-strength bolts absolutely can not slide, the bolt does not bear the shear force, once the slip, the design is considered to achieve the state of destruction, technologically mature; pressure-type high-strength bolts can be sliding, bolts also bear shear force, the ultimate damage is equivalent to ordinary bolts damage (bolt shear or plate pressure bad).

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