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Why do stainless steel bolts rust?

- Oct 22, 2018 -

   Stainless steel is also a metal product, but its chemical stability is better, but when its surface is contaminated, such as oil, dust and acid, alkali, salt, etc. attached to the surface of the workpiece are converted into corrosive medium under certain conditions, and stainless steel parts. Some of the components react chemically, causing chemical corrosion and rust, so mechanical stainless steel fasteners also need to be treated with anti-oxidation rust.

  Stainless steel is mainly because it has a film on its surface to prevent oxidation and corrosion. Of course, if this film disappears for some reason and is destroyed, it will lose its protection and will be continuously corrosion.

  The reasons for the rusting of stainless steel bolts are as follows:

  1. The surface of stainless steel is prone to dust or other metal particles. If the surrounding environment is relatively moist, it will cause it to react and destroy the protective film.

  Second, the surface of the stainless steel is covered with some noodle soup or other impurities, so that it constitutes an organic acid, and the long-term organic acid will have a certain destructive effect on the metal.

  Third, there are debris on its surface, in the polluted air, or encounter special circumstances: nitric acid, condensed water, etc., will cause stainless steel surface protection failure.

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