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What Is The Difference Between Hex Head Bolts And Stud Bolts In All Aspects?

- May 07, 2018 -

What is the difference between hex head bolts and stud bolts in all aspects?

1. Stainless steel 316 hex head bolts are commonly used in relatively mild operating conditions. The petrochemical industry is commonly used in public works such as cooling water and air with lower pressure and temperature.

The stud bolts are divided into full-threaded studs and equal-length double-headed studs, of which the full-threaded bolts have a stronger carrying capacity. There are some sayings about the use of bolts in some industry regulations.

Basically, it is selected according to the level of pressure. Hexagonal bolts can be used for lower pressure, and double-headed studs can be used regardless of the pressure.

2. GB/T5782 hex head bolts and GB/T901 studs are used in non-toxic, non-flammable media and non-severe cycle applications, where hex head bolts can only be used for applications where the nominal pressure rating is ≤ PN16, Double studs can be used for applications where the pressure rating is less than or equal to PN40 The Ministry of Chemical Industry's full-threaded studs, mechanical studs, and GB unequal length studs can be used in demanding applications. It can be seen in the manufacturing process. Double-headed stainless steel 316 hex bolts are much more resistant to compression, because the hex must be pulled deeper into the material before it is retracted. There are no two-headed ones.

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