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Application Of High Strength Double Head Bolt

- Nov 29, 2017 -

High strength double headed bolt is used for mechanical fixed link function. Double head bolt has two threads at both ends, the middle screw has coarse and thin, it is called straight rod or rod, also called double head screw.

High strength double head bolt application:

1.high strength double head bolts used in the main body of large equipment, the need to install accessories, such as the view mirror, mechanical seal seat, deceleration frame, etc. This is the double headed bolt used, one end is screwed into the main body, the attachment is attached to the other end, and the other end is provided with a nut. Because the attachment is often dismantled, the thread will wear or damage, so it will be very convenient to replace it with double head bolts.

2.The high strength double head bolt is used for the large thickness of the connecting body. When the length of the bolt is very long, a double head bolt will be used.

High strength bolt in the practical work, the external load changes, vibration, creep will cause friction reduction, screw in positive pressure disappeared, in a moment of friction is zero, so that the threaded connection looseness, such as repeated, relaxation and failure of thread connection will. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent loosening, otherwise it will affect the normal work and cause the accident.

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