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Application Of High Strength Heavy Hex Bolts

- Mar 13, 2018 -

High Strength Heavy Hex Bolts are the most widely used class of bolts. Grade A and Grade B high-strength hexagon bolts are used for important assembly precision requirements, as well as locations subject to high shock, vibration, or load. Grade C high-strength hexagon bolts are used for places with rough appearance and low assembly accuracy.


The threads of High Strength Heavy Hex Bolts are generally coarse-teeth ordinary threads. Fine thread common thread bolts have good self-locking properties and are mainly used for thin-walled parts or places where impact, vibration, or alternating loads occur. General bolts are made with partial threads, and full-thread bolts are mainly used for places requiring longer threads. Hole bolts are used where bolts need to be locked.

What are the installation requirements of high-strength bolts?

1. Do not hammer joint bearings when installing high-strength bolts.

2. The nut is tightened by the flange side of the cardan shaft. If the space of the coupling is limited, stud bolts (except when special requirements are available) may be used.

3. Use grade 10.9 high-strength bolts and grade 10 high-strength nuts. Apply a small amount of grease to the threaded portion of the bolt before turning the nut.

4. High-strength bolts and high-strength nuts must have reliable anti-loosening measures.

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