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Heavy Hex Bolts

- Jan 10, 2018 -

A threaded hole in the painting Heavy Hex Bolts when using two thick solid lines end of a triangle (and thick solid line) closed on the outer side, offset is then two thin lines (the offset distance is in front of the triangle thread depth), with the closure of a fine line can be. In addition, we need to pay attention to the following three points:

1) two parts draw a line on the surface of contact, and do not touch the surface to draw two lines.

2) when the two parts are adjacent, the direction of the section line of different parts should be opposite, or the direction is consistent and the interval is different.

3) for heavy-duty six angle bolts, if the section plane passes through their basic axis, these parts are still drawn without drawing, and the shapes are still drawn. When necessary, partial section can be used.


Question: is it necessary to use a washer when connecting Heavy Hex Bolts?

Hualong reply: hello. The main function of the Heavy Hex Bolts  washer is to avoid the scratch of the bolt and reduce the bending force.  Whether or not to use a washer is related to the specifications of the Heavy Hex Bolts. Bolt hole is too large when they should add a washer to increase the contact area, another bolt mounting hole is close clearance can not add another washer, you can refer to the gasket standard, general gasket hole than the bolt diameter too large, so look under DW than in washer hole is not much. Especially when installing DW spring washer lug directly expanded washer, did not play a good role. Personal suggestion bolt assembly hole should not be too large, no gasket is installed.

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