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Hot-dip Galvanized Hexagonal Bolt Manufacturing Process

- Feb 09, 2018 -

Hot-dip galvanized hex bolts are bolts that have been hot-dip galvanized and thus provide greater corrosion protection, while galvanized coatings have better adhesion and hardness. Hot-dip galvanized hexagonal bolt manufacturing processes generally include disk - annealing - pickling - pumping line - the beginning of - was removed - heat treatment - plating - packaging a few, as follows:


Disk yuan: refers to the wire you bought back

Annealing: refers to increasing the hardness of the wire itself. (This procedure is also more important, are now using high-temperature ball annealing furnace)

Pickling: that is, wash off the wire surface of the rust, impurities and the like drawstring: refers to the wire pulled into your production of bolt diameter required

To start: It is the cold heading of the extrusion of the bolt head. (If the bolt is more than M20 you need red, that is, the need to heat the head again, so that the bolt surface is not very beautiful, it should be very oxide)

Rolling teeth: refers to the required tooth pitch and tooth type.

Heat treatment: This procedure is more important to determine the performance level of the bolt.

Plating: The surface color of the surface to be processed into a rope. Here, galvanized hexagonal bolts are different from normal bolts because they are galvanized.

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