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The Six Advantage Of Dacromet Six Angle Bolts

- Oct 12, 2017 -

1.The strong corrosion resistance of six angle bolts: Dacromet coating thickness is only 4-8 m, but 7-10 times the antirust effect is the traditional electro galvanized, hot galvanized or paint coating method above. Using standard parts, processing Dacromet technology of pipe connector by the resistance above the salt spray test 1200h without red rust. hydrogen embrittlement process: Dacromet six angle bolts determines no hydrogen embrittlement of Dacromet, so very suitable for coating Dacromet mechanical parts.

3.high heat resistance: Dacromet six angle bolts can resist high temperature corrosion, heat temperature of 300 DEG C. The traditional galvanizing process, when the temperature reached 100 degrees, has been peeling off.

4.the binding force and then coated with good performance: Dacromet coating and the metal substrate has good adhesion, and strong adhesion and other additional coating, after processing the parts are easy to spray coloring, and combined with the organic coating capacity even more than the phosphating film.

5.good permeability: as a result of electrostatic effects, the workpiece deep hole, slit, pipe wall and other parts difficult to electroplate zinc, therefore, the workpiece can not be plated with the above method to protect. Dacromet can enter the workpiece of these parts of the formation of Dacromet coating. pollution: Dacromet six angle bolts in the whole process of production and processing the workpiece coated, does not produce waste gas pollution to the environment, not to waste management, reduces processing cost


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