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What's The Advantage Of The Inner Six Angle Bolt?

- Sep 07, 2017 -

What's the advantage of the Inner six angle bolt?

Inner six angle bolts are commonly used in machinery, mainly for ease of fastening, disassembly, and not easy to slip angle. The six angle wrench is generally a 90 degree bend, bend one end of the long side of the short, screw with short side fastening screws, holding a long side can save a lot of power and Fastening screw. One end of a long round (six cylindrical and flat angle like sphere), round head can be inclined the disassembly is very convenient and  easy to install certain wrench parts.

The manufacturing cost of the inner six angle bolts is lower than Outer six angle bolt, its advantages and the screw head (wrench force position) than the Outer six angle bolt thin, in some places not within the six corners can be replaced. In addition, low cost, dynamic strength of small, low precision requirement of mechanical the inner six angle than the outer screw the six angle is much less.


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