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Why Should The High Strength Bolts Be Black Treated?

- Sep 07, 2017 -

Why should the high strength bolts be black treated?

High strength black bolt is a kind of high strength bolt which is treated by blackening. It belongs to a standard component, and the high strength black bolt can bear more pressure than the common bolt of the same specification.

Why should the high strength bolts be black treated?

1, high strength bolt blackening treatment is a common method of chemical surface treatment, the principle is to produce a layer of oxide film on the metal surface, to isolate the air, to achieve the purpose of anti rust. The appearance of requirements is not high by blackening treatment, surface blackening of steel parts processing, also known as blue.

2, the main purpose of phosphating is to base metal to provide protection to a certain extent, prevent metal corrosion; used for painting before bottoming, and improve the corrosion resistance of paint film adhesion; in metal cold working process in lubricating effect.


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